Why You Should Never Take a Field Sobriety Test

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn If you are pulled over by the police, and they suspect you are under the influence of alcohol, the officer may ask you to perform what is commonly known as a field sobriety test. Most people agree to do what the

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Know Your Rights—Traffic Stop Edition

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn This is the first article in an ongoing “Know Your Rights” series. Thousands of motorists are stopped by police every day. Chances are, no matter how law abiding of a driver you are, you’ve probably seen the lights flash in your

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How I Turn Bad Times Into Good with Toys for Tots

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn We lawyers get a bad rap. Sometimes when I tell people I’m a criminal defense attorney, I can just see them making snap judgements about me. Scoundrel. Cheat. Finagler. Liar. Heartless crook. It can make me sound like a real grinch.

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